Testimonials From Parents

“Our daughter has attended Edu-Care since she was three months old. It was very difficult putting her in daycare. However, we feel that she has thrived in Edu-Care’s environment. We feel at home at Edu-Care and the teachers make us feel comfortable. We feel our daughter is not only being educated but loved while we are away at work.”
— Morgan’s Parents

“The staff and teachers care for the students’ emotional and academic will being. My children look forward to going to Edu-Care. My daughter tells me more about the academic learning she receives at Edu-Care in the afternoon than she does about her AM Kindergarten at public school.”
— Avery and Deanna’s Mom

Children learning in Newark

We are learning and also having fun.

“You have done so many wonderful things for Zoey that I can not begin to count them all. She has learned more at Edu-Care then I could have dreamed, from her developmental and social skills to her vocabulary, her knowledge of sign language, counting to 100, counting in Spanish and sounding out letters in preparation of her learning to read, computer knowledge and all of this before she is even 5 years old… WOW! You have always been caring and courteous, flexible and stead fast when it comes to your kids and that, to me, is money well spent. I feel now, more than ever that Zoey is ready for Kindergarten and much, much more. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the last 3 years and nine months. It was a wonderful journey and I am glad we chose Edu-Care to take that journey with.”
— Zoey’s Parents

“Our oldest child started at Edu-Care at a year old. The birth of our second child gave us a financial pinch, so we looked for child care elsewhere to save money. We were back in a couple of months. Nothing can substitute for the learning, caring, and close staff that Edu-Care provides.”
— Logan and Eli’s Parents

“We have 4 children and our oldest two did not attend Edu-Care. We regret that very much, We tried a variety of day care/preschools in the Hockessin/Pike Creek area and none compared to the standards at Edu-Care. Our youngest two children were reading before they started First Grade! Edu-Care provided a nurturing, personal and academic environment for our girls. We couldn’t be more pleased.”
— Grace and Sophia’s Parents

“I would like to let you know that my son attended Edu-Care way back in 1997 when we were in Delaware briefly for a year. We had moved from Michigan to Wilmington and were on the lookout for a preschool for my son when we came across your school. My son is now almost 17 and is getting ready for college! Although it was just a year, our experience at Edu-Care was very nice and memorable… He learned a lot at Edu-Care and I particularly remember the time because we were expecting our second baby then and we needed extra child care for Shravan. Thank you Edu-Care for providing our son a welcoming and nurturing experience.”
— Shravan’s Mom