Infants Program

Infants program in Newark


The infant program at Edu-Care is designed to meet the individual needs of each child.

Each infant will be cared for according to his/her special temperament.

Not only will your child’s basic needs be met, but he/she will be given affection, hugs, praise and be encouraged to discover his/her surroundings in an inviting, loving and safe environment.


Each child will develop:

  • a strong sense of self and emotional security
  • a sense of well-being and discovery
  • gross and fine motor skills
  • visual and auditory perception
  • cognitive awareness
  • social skills
  • trusting relationship with teachers and adults

The teachers in the infant program provide parents with a daily report which lists the time of sleeping, eating, diaper changing and comments about the child’s day. Teachers also communicate with parents through phone calls, and development reports (completed every 3-6 months). Before a child begins attending Edu-Care, parents will be required to complete a questionnaire specifically designed to allow the teachers to learn more about the routine of a child and his/her temperament. This information will be used to develop an individual program to meet each individual child’s needs.

The infants also take advantage of our spacious property by going on buggy rides and enjoying water play activities.

The infant program at Edu-Care builds a strong foundation for the early childhood years. Because of the personalized schedules, experienced and nurturing caregivers, age-appropriate toys and activities, spacious classroom, and safe environment, your infant will have a wonderful experience.

Mothers are welcome to nurse their infant at the site.

*A detailed curriculum guide is available upon touring the facilities.*