Special Events

Special events and guest speakers

Science demonstration by parents.

Edu-Care provides a variety of special events throughout the school year to enrich the curriculum and provide students with various experiences.

Field Trips

Edu-Care’s field trips are designed to provide the children with concrete experiences of their ever changing world. This is an excellent way to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom.

Guest Speakers

Experts in various fields present programs planned to supplement the Preschool curriculum.

Contracted Performers

Various performers such as magicians, puppeteers, singers and storytellers are contracted periodically to enrich the school program.

Pre School Graduation Ceremony

The children don caps and gowns and process to “pomp and circumstance”. They give a stage performance for family and friends to show some of what they have learned all year and then receive their well deserved diplomas.

Holiday Celebrations

Edu-Care celebrates all holidays including:

  • Halloween – celebrated with a costume parade
  • Thanksgiving – celebrated with a feast shared by Pilgrims and Indians
  • Hanukkah – celebrated with special games, stories and crafts
  • Christmas party

    Tree trimming.

  • Christmas – celebrated with a tree trimming and caroling, pageant, party and special appearance by Santa
  • Kwanzaa – celebrated with special games, stories and crafts
  • Martin Luther King’s Birthday – celebrated by learning about Dr. King’s biography
  • Valentine’s Day – celebrated with a party and exchanging of cards
  • St. Patrick’s Day – celebrated with songs and crafts
  • Easter/Grandparent’s Day – celebrated by inviting Grandparents to share in morning activities including egg hunt, Easter Bunny visit and party
  • Mother’s Day – celebrated by inviting mothers for afternoon tea
  • Father’s Day – celebrated by having donuts with dad for breakfast
  • Independence Day – celebrated by Red, White & Blue craft projects