Preschool – 3 & 4 Year Old Program

Preschool - 3 & 4 Year Old Program

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The Preschool Program at Edu-Care is designed to prepare children for the upcoming school years.
By the time children complete the program, they are more than well prepared to enter Kindergarten.

The following areas are included in the program:

Mathematics: This program introduces the child to basic math concepts. These concepts are initially introduced by the teacher who provides manipulative materials to demonstrate shapes, counting, classification, number of objects correlation, patterns, number recognition, printing of numbers, and positional terms.

Language Arts: The basis of the language program is vocabulary development in all phases of the child’s environment. Auditory and visual skills are introduced, with focus on alphabet recognition, sound discrimination, rhyming and phonics. The program also enhances listening skills and attention span.

Science: A fundamental awareness of the environment and the world of nature is the core of the program. This includes units on food, seasons, plants, animals, weather, dinosaurs, and the human body. Visual materials, field trips, experiments, and a “hands-on” approach are incorporated to provide stimulus.

Social Studies: This area includes diverse subject matter such as the family, community helpers, holidays, and cultures around the world. The social studies curriculum encourages a better understanding of others and ourselves.

Art: Through a variety of art media, the child develops and strengthens muscle control and develops eye-hand coordination as well as creating a worthy self-image. Artistic skills are developed through the use of activities such as directed art, creativity papers, coloring, cut-and-paste, free hand art, painting, and inside and outside shapes tracing. Levels of development in this area of fine motor skills are considered for each child.

Music: The program includes singing, movement to music, listening, and playing simple percussion instruments. The material is selected mainly from nursery rhymes, finger plays, and children’s songs. Children learn about beat, rhythm, tempo, and melody. They derive personal enjoyment from music as well as learn new concepts and new vocabulary from songs.

Gym: This program develops age-appropriate gross motor skills, eye-hand coordination, team sportsmanship, listening skills, and the total physical development of the child.

Library: Through a variety of books in our school library which consists of over 8000 volumes, visual and auditory skills are refined and an appreciation for good literature is developed.

Computers: Computers are an integral part of our lives. Including them in the preschool atmosphere is a part of the process of learning and an important life skill. Edu-Care uses computers with a wide variety of age appropriate software for the preschool students.


Each child will be able to develop and enhance the following skills:

  • Independent thinking
  • Listening skills
  • Experimentation
  • Following directions
  • Large/small muscle control
  • Visual discrimination
  • Auditory discrimination
  • Self awareness
  • Number and letter recognition
  • Socialization
  • Self-help skills
  • Creative expression
  • Problem solving
  • Cooperation and sharing

Our preschool program not only prepares children to enter elementary school, it also builds up self-esteem and fosters in each student a life-long love of learning.