Toddler – 2 Year Old Program

Toddler - 2 Year Old Program


The Toddler Program at Edu-Care is designed to promote independence and prepare children for the preschool years.

Your two year old will be exposed to a variety of stimuli to encourage intellectual, social, physical and emotional growth. The program is designed to allow children to explore independently as well as be a part of structured activities in both large and small group experiences.


Each child will be able to develop:

  • a strong sense of self-confidence and emotional security
  • social skills while being with other children and adults
  • fine and gross motor skills
  • thinking and language skills through the use of books, educational toys, music and art as well as conversations with teachers
  • self help skills (including potty training, hand-washing, picking up toys, putting on coat, socks and shoes, cleaning up after snack, and feeding oneself)
  • sharing and cooperation

The toddlers also enjoy their own playground on the back deck with age appropriate climbing and riding toys.

The teachers in the toddler program provide parents with a daily report that details activities of the day with individualized notes about each child when applicable.

The strong curriculum along with the caring and dedicated staff prepare your toddler for a smooth transition into the preschool years.

*A detailed curriculum guide is available upon touring the facilities.*